the complete guide to understanding and targeting your audiences in 2022

In both B2B and B2C, consumer buying journeys are increasingly complex and fragmented. They are turning to various channels and are more demanding about the expected experience. The latter must be personalized and seamless. To do this, companies need to know their audiences better.

The goal is to provide each customer with the right content or offer, at the right time and in the right place.

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Audiense, which helps brands understand their audience more precisely in order to make intelligent marketing decisions, addresses the subject in his latest white paper in English. The London company reveals the concrete measures to take so that you learn more about your customers and prospects.


Build relevant audiences with data

It’s well known: the better you know your audience, the easier it is to interact effectively with them. Building a solid relationship with it then becomes child’s play. By maintaining close ties with its audience, a brand will necessarily increase its number of sales.

In concrete terms, it is essential to know your audience. For this, it is necessary to create personas. As a reminder, these are client models of its target. We list the basic information about him, his needs, his interests, the channels used… However, it is difficult to create these profiles blindly, without concrete information.

As you will discover in the Audiense guide, data will play a key role in obtaining concrete information about your audience and building more realistic personas. We collect relevant and useful data, such as the media they consult the most, the influencers they are interested in, the keywords they use to do their research… By downloading this white paper, you will get an example of the type of persona that you can obtain thanks to the data.

You will be able to learn about the three types of audiences that can be designed using a data-driven approach. Among them, the affinity audience, that is to say individuals with similar interests. You will discover all the data used to segment consumers (biography on social networks, demographic information, online conversations…).


Designing an effective content marketing strategy

Marketers need to ensure that their content offering meets their audience’s demand by creating creative articles and posts. Here again, data has a central role. It is useful to find out more about the relevance of the themes chosen, the keywords used or even the purchase triggers. In this guide, Audiense reveals exactly how this can help you build effective storytelling.

In the last part of this white paper, you will have the opportunity to understand how to measure the engagement of your audiences with your content. You will be able to learn more about the actions that can be performed.

As you will have understood, data is essential today to know your customers and prospects. All this information makes it possible to learn more about their mentalities, their practices and their uses. These are essential elements for designing adequate campaigns. To find out in detail how to properly analyze your audience and develop an effective marketing strategy, don’t forget to download Audiense’s guide.