The comparison to a naughty little pop song was immediately dismissed

Windows95man’s No rules song has been released.

The Fifth competition song of the 2024 New Music Competition has been published. It’s about Windows95manproperly named Teemu Keisterina song No Rules. He sings in the song Henri Piispanen.

This is the artist’s first own song, although he has been doing gigs for years.

Teemu Keisteri and Henri Piispanen did not know each other before the UMK competition, but now they are friends. Elle Laitila

Teemu, aka Windows95man, fell in love with his song immediately. The bishop stepped in by accident.

– I said all the time that I would definitely not sing this song. I fought until the end that I don’t sing. But the demo had to be sent, and I sing in it, Piispanen told Iltalehte earlier.

If the song wins the UMK competition, Keisteri will have to change his artist name. Eurovision rules prohibit advertising, so the Windows95man name referring to computers is not allowed.

The song “No rules” was compared in the comments to the Swedish hit “Ding Ding song”. Elle Laitila

In the comments section of the recent music video, the song has received a mixed reception. Some people praise the soulful song, while others fear for the upcoming UMK stage show.

– Okay, I still don’t know what to think about this.

– Now I wouldn’t say this is bad, really hard and well executed.

– I hope this is also good live.

In the comments, a comparison was immediately made with the Swedish singer Günther. Several commentators initially thought it was Günther’s naughty little hit song Ding Dong Song.

– At the beginning, I thought that this would start singing “Uh, you touch my tralala”, says one commenter.

– The way the man sings is like “uh, you touch my tralala”, another continues.

– I think Windows95man did it on purpose. He doesn’t usually sound like that, another commenter replies.

Watch the No rules music video below.