The city of Munich would like to donate proceeds from concerts

Amid the abuse allegations against singer Till Lindemann, Rammstein are still on tour in Germany. Now various political parties in the city of Munich have come up with an idea: City revenues from the Rammstein concerts should be released for donation. The application will now be reviewed by City Council.

CSU and left on one side in the Rammstein case

The suggestion to donate money from the performances was made by the Munich left and the “party”. Rammstein completed four shows in the Bavarian capital, which attracted a total of 240,000 spectators. Since all four events took place in the Olympic Stadium there, a large amount of the profits goes to Munich itself. The operating company of the location, Olympiapark GmbH, is owned by the city. It would therefore be theoretically possible for them to decide for themselves what happens to the income.

Munich’s mayor Verena Dietl (SPD) now wants to have it checked whether the profits can be used for charitable purposes, above all projects against sexual violence. The Bavarian state government parties CSU and Freie Wahler also support the motion.

Left want to set a “clear signal” in the Rammstein case

How high the amount will be is not yet known. However, it can be assumed that a large sum would be available, since the Olympic Stadium was not only booked for the event itself, but also for the set-up and dismantling. The Munich left wants to show with the action that violence against marginalized groups is not tolerated in the city: “The urgency arises from the fact that we are setting a clear signal in the current debate with a quick decision,” says the motion .

The fact that Rammstein are still on tour causes explosives in other cities. The Berlin Senate has now officially submitted a petition that wants the concert in the Olympic Stadium to be canceled. Furthermore, anonymous activists have threatened to sabotage the July 16, 17 and 18 performances.