The Chimera: the film review by Alice Rohrwacher

Type: dramatic ✦✦✦
Direction: Alice Rohrwacher. With Josh O’Connor, Isabella Rossellini, Alba Rohrwacher, Carol Duarte

“Anatomy of a Fall”, the winning film of Cannes 2023 is released in cinemas

In 1980s Etruria, the theater of the author’s childhood, «after centuries of respect for the dead», the grave robbers dominate. Arthur, a ragged British scholar, has a sixth sense for the voids that the earth hides and the treasures it hides.

With a gang of local wretches stripped and profane, he regrets his lost love and is divided between the miserable refuge she has built for herself and the female community whose crazy matriarch is Isabella Rossellini.

“La Chimera”, with Alba Rohrwacher (photo by Simona Pampallona).

In the world of Alice Rohrwacher, where formats alternate and the romantic hero strides like Ridolini, the past and the present continue to confront each other. And the invisible materializes. Following the red thread that leads from the depths towards the light.

The band of grave robbers from the film “The Chimera” Alice Rohrwacher

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