The child card was thrown away – The first date couple dreams of the future

Matti says that he and Pauliina have similar dreams for the future. BEWARE OF PLOT REVEALS!

First date at the altar program Checkmate and Paulina are very much in love with each other.

The couple also meets Mati’s parents and the family spends time together at Mati’s family home in Pälkäne. Matti and Pauliina also go to dinner with Matti’s brother.

According to Mati, the married couple have very similar plans for the future. They have also talked a lot about what they want from life.

Matti and Pauliina spend almost all their time together. MTV / Viivi Häkkinen

Matti recently moved his book from Vantaa to Oulu to live with Pauliina. However, the couple thinks that they could move to another city, for example Tampere, together.

– So we dreamed about starting a family, talked about having a child. Dreams and visions of the future have coincided, Matti adds to the cameras.

Pauliina states that her heart skips a beat with happiness.

Pauliina met Mati’s mother in Pälkäne. MTV / Viivi Häkkinen

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