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Nonews from Sea outside. The musical based on the Rai 2 record series – soon to air with the fourth season and currently available on Netflixis ready to land at the theater. In the castas well as some of the main actors consecrated by their alter egos, also the dancer who defeated the competition Friends 2023: Mattia Zenzola.

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Sea outside the musical: Mattia Zenzola arrives

«Another dream come true. I can’t wait to meet you in the main Italian theatres.” With these words Zenzola announces his entry into the cast on Instagram. A new goal just a few months after the victory of Friends 2023. The talent show which – as he himself said live immediately after the proclamation – “changed his life”.

His journey in the Canale 5 school began in 2021, when he was still seventeen when he obtained the coveted school. However, an injury forced him to withdraw, but Maria De Filippi promised that they would welcome him back once he recovered. And so it was. He returned the following season and on the evening of the final he beat the favorite Angelina Mango by televoting.

The other actors in the cast, from Maria Esposito to Antonio D’Aquino

In addition to Zenzola, the cast is made up of some faces already present in the series and consecrated by the public, to which new names are added. Among all, Maria Esposito, interpreter of Rosa Ricci, Ciro’s sister (played in the series by Giacomo Giorgio). Then there are Enrico Tijani, who returns to play Dobermann, while Giuseppe Pirozzi covers the role of Micciarella. All three are among the new entries of the third season.

Still, Antonio Orefice is Totò, Antonio D’Aquino plays Milos and Carmen Pommella is Nunzia, one of the prison guards. To these are added Andrea Sannino – author and performer of Hug me, song went viral during the lockdown -, Yuri Pascale Langer, Giulia Moltino and Sveva Petruzzelli.

Completed by Pasquale Brunetti, Bianca Moccia, Christian Roberto and Antonio Rocco. Sea Outside – The musical Alessandro Siani is directed and produced by Best Live.

Mattia Zenzola, among the actors in the cast of the musical “Mare Fuori”.

Mare Fuori Musical, the tour dates

The stories of the inmates of the Nisida prison will debut on the stage at the end of 2023. It starts from Naples, on 14 and 30 December, at the Teatro Augusteo. Same location also for the following dates: 1, 5, 6 and 7 January 2024. Followed Ragusa – Teatro Duemila (20 and 21 January), Reggio Calabria – Cilea Theater (23 and 24 January), Cosenza – Rendano Theater (26, 27 and 28 January), Turin – Alfieri Theater (2, 3 and 4 February).

After that we move to Milan, to the Arcimboldi Theater, from 14 to 18 February, and to the Teatro Lirico of Assisi (20 and 21 February). Here come the dates Bari, 24 and 2 February at the Teatro Teamand of Rome, from 1 to 3 March at the Teatro Brancaccio. The last stop is Bologna, where the musical is staged from 15 to 17 March at the Teatro Europa. Tickets are available at