The capital of anger

It’s a joke so old that it should be discontinued, but there are people determined to keep it valid. Why waste time debating something if we can solve it the hell out of it? The original version of the joke placed such thoughtful analysis in a conversation between basques, but I fear that the oil spill has spread, with Madrid as the main echo chamber. Because That Madrid, where President Ayuso and Mayor Almeida have taken a liking to the thuggish tone in their invectives against the left, does not allow debates. Firewood to the monkey. We have the last example with Yolanda Díaz’s comment about If it is sensible to have restaurants open at dawn. And not so much because it was a confusing proposal, which she herself had to clarify, but because the reaction of the Madrid PP was so disproportionate that it blocked any hint of rational discussion. The before is closed Adding that a restaurant in Madrid or a tweet from Ayuso herself, they want us to be puritans, materialists, socialists, without soul, without light and without restaurants certify that dialogue is a utopia.

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