The Camorra wanted Lazio: Lotito, the Casalesi and Chinaglia. Serie A noir by Zara

Italy is in full Calciopoli storm when the Dia of Naples turns on the light on a sensational negotiation: a story that unfolds between obscure entrepreneurs, cash sponsorships, anti-Lotito campaigns and mistakes in good faith

It’s May 2006, Calciopoli has just exploded, Italian football is upside down, the innocence of our system – already heavily dented – is definitively lost, wiretaps are pouring in and every time, after the revelation, anger and disgust mount, the cup of the world in Germany is imminent, the Italy of football is a Titanic sailing by sight. There is other news, but in the general hubbub it goes almost unnoticed. Yet the hypothesis made in those hours by the magistrates of the Naples District Anti-Mafia Directorate is disconcerting. The Camorra wants to buy Lazio.