The polygraph of Belén Esteban and Kiko Matamoros has had an unexpected protagonist, Laura Fa. When the collaborators have begun to comment on the journalistic interest that the vacations in Matamoros with his girlfriend could arouse, the theme of love and the age difference has come up.

    At this point, Laura Fa has opined that they are a very unbalanced couple And that could cause a problem. This did not please the collaborator at all, who after shouting back, left the set while he took off the microphone.

    María Patiño has tried to calm the waters without much success. The cameras have captured the collaborator trying to get away from the director, who was trying to hold him back so that he would not leave.

    “It’s over”Matamoros was heard shouting. “We want to show that Marta is with a sugar daddy and we always attack the same thing,” Rada Mora has tried to defend, also with little success. After these seconds of tension, the collaborator has re-entered the set throwing some insult under his breath.

    The latter has provoked the anger of Laura Fa: “Hey, the insults that are fair. I can say what I want. You are insulting me and you are disrespecting me, “she told him as she got up to face him.

    Finally, Matamoros has returned to his interview chair after Belén Esteban asked to redirect the issue: “Can we continue with the polygraph, that’s why I’ve come?” Although the collaborator has agreed to continue with the interview, the bad faces and reproaches between him and Laura Fa have been constant throughout the night.