The breakthrough brought in 255 million dollars – Hundreds of lives will be turned upside down this weekend in the USA

The breakthrough brought the player an astonishing 255 million dollars – the dreams of hundreds of Yankee athletes will come true this weekend

Jalen Hurts made a breakthrough in the NFL. EPA / AOP

Until a year and a half ago Jalen Hurts was in a tough spot. The 23-year-old quarterback who led the Philadelphia Eagles to the playoffs was still raw. He was a second-round reservation from the corona year 2020, when the contracts received by newcomers were relatively small compared to many other years. Hurts made more than six million dollars in four years.

Last season, Hurts had to prove that he was worthy of a contract extension. If it wasn’t for him, the Eagles would look elsewhere, for example, through a booking event.

Hurts beat everyone with a sledgehammer. The quarterback led the Eagles to the Super Bowl and played brilliantly even though the Kansas City Chiefs won the championship. The quarterback’s breakout hit ended up being worth $255 million when Hurts and the Eagles signed a five-year extension on Monday of last week.

An important opening round

This weekend, the dreams of many other Yankee fans will come true. The first round of the NFL draft is on the night between Thursday and Friday Finnish time, and the rest of the rounds are scheduled for the next two nights.

Last year, the first name shouted at the entire booking event was Travon Walker, to whom the Jacksonville Jaguars will pay more than $41 million over four years. The majority of the value of rookie contracts consists of signing bonuses.

Teams get a fifth-year option for first-round players, which clubs often use if the player has proven to be worth booking. The rookie contract is followed by a lucrative extension deal for top players. Hurts is an example of that.

For young players, the reservation received in the first round means a contract of around 20-40 million dollars for four years. In the second round, the value of the ticket drops to around 15-20 million, which is also a lot of money for young athletes. The rookie contracts at the top of Yankee Football are massive compared to, for example, hockey’s NHL, where the best players are talking about a few million depending on the bonuses.

A young panther?

The first pick in this year’s draft is the Carolina Panthers, who were originally ninth on the draft list. The Panthers made a huge trade with the Chicago Bears, who held the first round, and now get to choose their favorite first. Carolina has booked the University of Alabama quarterback by Bryce Young.

Bryce Young’s booking number is said to be low. PDO

Other top candidates are the quarterbacks CJ Stroud, Will Levis and Anthony Richardson as well as, among other things, defenders Will Anderson and as much as 142 kilograms Jalen Carter.

Because of the salary cap, a team’s best window of success usually opens when a quarterback picked up in the draft turns out to be a hotshot.

In this case, the GM of the club can build the team with big money around the quarterback, while he is still playing on his hefty rookie contract. Building the rest of the team becomes difficult when the star player’s extension deal is worth 255 million.

Now the Reserve players are just starting their professional careers, but if everything goes well, the Carolina Panthers will pay Young, Stroud or whoever $255 million in a year if the reserve player leads the team to the Super Bowl.