The boardroom in the European financial sector is becoming increasingly gender diverse and green

Also in 2022, the number of women joining the boards of companies in the financial sector in Europe increased. It reports that international consultancy EY Monday in its Financial Services European Boardroom Monitor. In the past year, the percentage of women in boardrooms increased from 37 to 42 percent.

By 2026, the boards of European companies must consist of 40 percent women. Increasingly, promoting gender diversity can also be a financially beneficial decision, according to investors. For 44 percent of them, a mixed board is an important condition for joining a company, compared to 16 percent who consider it completely unimportant.

Interface sustainability and gender diversity

Not only are companies becoming more progressive in terms of gender diversity, sustainability is also becoming an increasingly important topic at the boardrooms in the financial sector. Over the past six months, the number of board members with experience in sustainability increased from almost a fifth to almost a third. Greening experience and gender diversity have a great deal in common: 72 percent of the directors with previous sustainability experience are women.

More than half of investors believe that green experience in the boardroom has an “impact” on the attractiveness of an investment. Slightly more than one-fifth find this experience ‘very significant’.

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