The blender took the stage for the first time in 13 years on the main stage of Himos Juhannus.

    Otto Grundstöm is the soloist of the Blender. ATTE KAJOVA

    The blender made a comeback today, Thursday, on the main stage of Himos Juhannus after 13 long years. The audience welcomed the favorite band of the moans.

    The blender started with the song You belong to me tonight and the spectators, without hesitation, embarked on a roaring chant in the evening sun.

    – We now have an hour, so let’s put it flat on the floor. Remember that Blender is a dance band, Blender’s soloist Otto Grundström fooled the audience with their speeches.

    – Now it’s time to pull again! Grundström shouted into the mic.

    The audience welcomed the Blender with joy. ATTE KAJOVA

    The lyrics of the blender songs are familiar to even a young audience. ATTE KAJOVA

    The audience played with the songs – they jumped, pulled on a hose, and hanged out with friends.

    The song received a particularly loud reception All young types. Grundström urged the audience to prepare to rock before the song began, and the festival crowd did the work as instructed. Grundström got to admire the stage as the audience sang the chorus of the hit song on her behalf.

    – C’mon Himos, the blender’s beaker said.

    The evening ended with a song awaited by the audience The world is Yours.

    – We still have one rally, I meant to say that this is quite old but all of them are quite old, Grunström backed up laughing at the last song of the evening.

    The blender members thanked the audience and left the stage. The audience was left shouting the encore, after which the band members returned to perform the song The road is light for a moment and To contact Elli.

    The blender’s return gig went energetically. ATTE KAJOVA

    Iltalehti talked to the front-runners before the show started. The twenties who were waiting for the band said they had gotten to know the Blender as a child. In the speeches of many, it was repeated that the songs of the band are reminiscent of happy childhood memories. Front-line festival-goers were especially looking forward to the songs Light carrier and The world is Yours.

    Born in 1995, Fiia originally became acquainted with the band’s songs through her older sister, who was 12 years older. ATTE KAJOVA

    These twenties guys haven’t seen a Blender show before, as they were still too young for gigs in the early 2000s. ATTE KAJOVA

    Päivi last saw the Blender in 2009 here on the Himos stage. ATTE KAJOVA

    The blender was founded in 1991. The band stopped touring in 2004, but the actual farewell tour only took place in 2009.

    The blender announced its return as early as 2019, but the return had to be postponed for a few years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    This is what the Himos Midsummer Festival in 2021 looked like.