Edwin Evers is deeply disappointed in the behavior of his former employer Talpa. How Frank Dane got kicked out as the morning jock of Radio 538 is, according to him, ‘downright scandalous’.

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    Frank Dane was fired just before the turn of the year as the morning jock of Radio 538. He had just finished two years as the successor of Edwin Evers, who with his departure has ensured that the radio station has fallen into free fall. Now Frank can go do the afternoon, but Edwin is left with a bad aftertaste.

    ‘Outright scandalous’

    It’s just not chic how Talpa boss Paul Römer chose to fire Frank remotely one day after Christmas, Edwin thinks. “I think the way he was taken off that morning show is just plain outrageous. So I think it’s very clever of him that he was able to put himself over that,” he says in the talk show Humberto.

    Edwin thinks Talpa has once again shown its worst side. “You’re not going to tell someone in a FaceTime call, ‘The morning show is stopping.’ I think that’s crazy, but okay.”

    Questionable method

    Edwin thinks it’s a questionable method. “Yes, you damage both the station and the DJ. I think it’s good that he got off the radar for a while. I think that gave him some peace of mind.”

    Now Frank can go back to work for Radio 538. He will follow De Coen & Sander Show in the afternoon. “Yes, I kind of expected it actually. I thought: they really aren’t going to say goodbye to Frank Dane. That would be a bit silly. It’s a good DJ.”

    Not on top anymore

    Is Edwin still very involved in the radio world? “Yes, I do follow. I am not completely on top of it anymore, but of course I do follow it a bit and especially with developments like this it is always nice to follow it a bit.”

    Does it hurt that things are going so badly with 538? “Yes, of course, because I worked there for so long. There are a lot of people who work hard on that. Look, I’ve been doing it for a long time, so for a lot of people it’s a habit. To follow that is difficult and Frank has done very well.”


    He continues: “The numbers weren’t very bad at all, but there has been a bit of a shift in radio land, so to speak. People start searching a bit after they have listened to something for a long time and that stops. You can’t put that on Frank Dane’s account alone.”

    “Radio stations are having a hard time at the moment anyway. They are all a bit searching actually.”