The bishopric of Lleida approves a new protocol to prevent and address cases of abuse

The bishop of Lleida, Salvador Giménez, signed this Friday by decree the new protocol of his diocese for “the prevention and treatment of abuse of minors in premises or activities in the Diocese of Lleida”.

The protocol, until now unpublished, dictates that any complaint of sexual abuse in the diocese it must be communicated to the bishop so that he can transfer it to the Prosecutor’s Office if necessary.

Furthermore, in coordination with the bishopric, the protocol indicates that “the Those responsible for the entity must inform the parents of the damage caused your child and the circumstances surrounding the incident” and the person identified as a possible abuser must be “removed from the relationship with the minors, even if it is preventive.”

The new document includes other advice to members of the diocesesuch as “always carry out all electronic communication with the minor from the entity’s official email”, “do not create a WhatsApp group only with minors and in any case create it with the parents”.

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“Avoid favoritism towards any minor”; that during outings “in the rooms where minors sleep, always have two or more adults sleeping to keep an eye on them“; “carry out activities with minors in places where there may be visibility from outside” and, “in no case will the monitor, priest, or any person who interacts with a minor or vulnerable adult, have to be alone with them,” according to establishes the new protocol.

Bishop Salvador Gímenez considers in its decree that they should cover “both sexual assaults previously produced as well as new ones that could be produced”.