“LPoetry is a gift given to the attentive, a gift that implies destiny». How much resistance in the fate of the poet Paul Celannomadic Sagittarius born in Bukovina, then Soviet, Ukrainian, Parisian. And how much guilt for having saved himself from the roundups of the Germans, while his parents were killed in the extermination camp.

    Paul Celan was born on November 23, 1920 (photo Getty Images).

    Paul Celan finds shelter in a passionate Moon in Aries who seeks protection in women, so many beloved women. And in the poetic fury of Neptune in Leo, which leads him to write poems in German, the language of his mother and of her tormentors. To rediscover the emotion of belonging in the extraneousness: «Mother, mother. Plucked from the air/ plucked from the earth./ Down up/ dragged along».

    And he will always turn to his past with you to seek an intimacy that warms the chill of guilt: «You too speak,/ speak last,/ have your say./ Speak/ but do not separate the no from the yes».

    Uranus hostile to his Sun is the crushing weight of the “one who remains” who faces the desire for life and family. He marries the painter Gisèle Lestrange, mother of his son Eric, but always runs away from other women.

    The relationship with Ingeborg Bachmann, Cancer poet, ends with accusations of superficiality. Pluto opposite Venus makes him intolerant of others’ approximation. In 1970 it flows into the Seine.

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