The billboard issue witnessed interesting moments at the press conference

The billboard caused a short-term crisis at the press conference after the match between Tuzlaspor and Boluspor in the Trendyol 1st League. The match was played at Esenyurt Necmi Kadıoğlu Stadium, used by İstanbulspor. When Boluspor Coach Yalçın Koşukavak was about to start the meeting, they wanted to replace the Super League billboard with the Trendyol 1st League billboard in the area where the press conference was held. However, when the panel could not be fixed, Koşukavak reacted briefly to the situation. Thereupon, the officers hurriedly fixed the billboard in the back area. Just as Koşukavak was about to start the meeting, the billboard fell again and the officers intervened again, holding the billboard with their hands and steadying it. The situation witnessed interesting moments.