The biggest fashion trends until 2022

We present the most important fashion trends for this year. Many are familiar trends from the zero-fashion of the early 2000s, updated to this year.

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1. Low pants

The trouser silhouettes of the early 2000s have returned greatly in recent years, as have the down-widening bootcut pants and comfortable grunge jeans. This year, the bravest is wearing the mega-low-waisted trousers familiar from the millennium drug and at the same time waving a navel in a short shirt – even if the mother or neighbor is horrified.

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2. Oversized jackets

The fashion crowd is now wearing oversized silhouette jackets. The shoulder line in particular must now be a fair size in the jackets and otherwise the dimensions must be as maximum as possible. The best part of this trend is suitable for Finns: under the oversize jacket, there are really several layers of warm knitwear, and the frost will not be bitten in this way.

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3. Corsets

Tight-fitting and upright corsets are back in fashion. The most fashionable combines a tight corset-like top with loose pants. The corset is pushing the party issue and demanding high interest rates for the evening expenses.

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4. Colorful bags

Handbags in all shades of the rainbow now swing on the arm of the most fashion-conscious. Choose a small bag in your bright favorite color and boldly combine it with any outfit. The trendiest of all now are even miniature-sized bags.

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5. Short tops

Crop tops continue to be at the forefront of trends. Whether you decide to reveal a more or less middle body, as long as you blink even a little, you’re part of a trendy fashion set. Some of these sweaters are more reminiscent of a skinny bikini top or triangular bra. The bare surface can now be shown boldly.

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6. Catsuit overalls

The daredevil now wears a body-hugging, tight catsuit coverall. It is boldly dressed as a guy in high heels. We guarantee that every pair of eyes in the room will follow you. It does not play who is afraid!

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7. Reiviprinttikimara

Psychedelic, colorful patterns are coming big this year. The more colorful and wild the better! You are now hunting for the most unique dirt pattern clothing from the selection of flea marketers. The pattern stands out best in the tightest possible silhouette and also works unprejudicedly combined with another pattern in the same outfit.

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8. Ronskit shoes

Still on the fashion wave brush, plush and ruffled shoes continue. One chooses rough boots, another thick-soled loafers and a third wears plush sandals. The main thing is that the shoes have a size.

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9. Miniskirts

Minars can now be seen everywhere and everywhere – on the stages of fashion brand collections as well as on street style masters and stars. The color or possible pattern doesn’t matter in this trend as long as the hem goes high. This year’s absolute number one in the skirts is specifically the mini.

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The story is the latest, published earlier in January 2022.