The Berlin classical audience is slowly returning

The Gendarmenmarkt with the concert hall.  There are many patches on the floor

The concert hall at Gendarmenmarkt Photo: picture alliance/dpa

By Martina Hafner

A survey of music theaters and orchestras revealed that the audience is slowly coming back, although the older visitors are still reluctant.

The good news is that there is a positive trend towards the return of classical music audiences.

“The halls are filling up again,” said Gerald Mertens, Managing Director of the German Music and Orchestra Association in February 2023. 122 theater, concert and radio orchestras took part in an online survey on visitor behavior.

“However, the level before Corona has not yet been reached again, say almost 60 percent of the orchestras surveyed. 46 percent still report a strong reluctance, especially among the older audience,” Mertens continued.

76 orchestras have lost subscribers. The main reasons for the slump are the complete suspension of subscriptions during the pandemic, as well as the fear of older subscribers to return to events.

Berlin’s Konzerthaus, on the other hand, has good figures, with 85 percent occupancy at the end of 2022, almost reaching the level of 2019 (87 percent).


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