The Bantams against the Croats. It is the eternal titanic battle between Nibbixwoud and Wognum. The sporting rivalry is especially palpable during football matches between SEW and Spartans. “Then we came to the complex and the goalposts were painted red and white.”

    Fireworks at the Last Spartans-SEW, in June – Delivered / Tom Henriët

    Adri Schouten and Adri Beerepoot warmly shake hands in the NH program De Ziel van de Regio. In addition to the same name, the chairmen also share the same function: that of president. Respectively from the football clubs SEW and Spartans. From Nibbixwoud and Wognum, or: the Bantams against the Kroten. They are proud of their association and of their village. And that sometimes clashes. Especially on the football field.

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    Rivalry between Nibbixwoud and Wognum – NH Nieuws

    The last head-to-head battle for the time being took place last June. And what kind. SEW played for promotion, while Spartans could be relegated. “They will not like this in Wognum, but next season we will play in the second class and Spartans a class lower. That makes us happy,” says the SEW chairman. “We can live on that for a while.”

    Adri Beerepoot counters: “That is a pity for us. First we take a step back, then we can become champions afterwards. Then we hope to meet again often.”

    Center dot disappeared

    Because there is no longer any real hostility. “The sharp edges are gone,” says Schouten. “At first there was also more happening around the games. Then we came to our complex and then our goalposts were painted red and white. Or then the center spot had disappeared in Wognum. Now it is more teasing, in a fun way.”

    Like just under two months ago, when the blue and white SEW crowd bullied the opponent from Wognum with the approaching relegation. ‘Behind the blue-white smoke, the relegation specter awaits’, a banner read.

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    Tears during SEW Spartans – NH Media / Tom Henriët

    And yet, Nibbixwoud to Wognum: it remains special. “I also remember that from the past, when I played football myself,” says Schouten. “If you win against Spartans, that is extra nice. The battle is now only fought on the field. The third half is celebrated together. It is a bit more intertwined. Players play futsal with each other, for example. That’s how it should be.” actually.”

    Playing around the pool

    Wognum and ‘Nibbik’, Spartans and SEW. The eternal rivals have to miss ‘their’ derby at least one year, because they do not play in the same competition. Schouten is disappointed: “Let Spartans get promoted quickly, then we have our match again.”

    There is definitely something to gain for Spartans this season. The pressure is completely on the shoulders of the football players of Spartans 4. They play an annual match against SEW 3. The stake: the location of the Molenbad. “That’s our swimming pool, which is exactly on the border of both villages. If SEW wins, it will be in Nibbixwoud for a year. If Spartans win, it will be a Wognum swimming pool for a year.”

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