The attorney general skips the Board of Court Prosecutors to hear his opinion on Puigdemont, by Ernesto Ekaizer

No more prosecutorial meetings. And 38 prosecutors all together? Go retro! When she could statutorily delegate to her number two, the lieutenant prosecutor Ángeles Sánchez-Condeto report the opinion of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) on whether or not to charge Carles Puigdemontwithout going through a board of prosecutors of the first Criminal section of the Supreme Court, Álvaro García Ortíz, the state attorney general, He did not do so and made the unforced error of leaving it in the hands of the prosecutors of the aforementioned section. But when, according to article 24.1 of the Organic Statute of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, he has to assume responsibility for it and define what should be done with Puigdemont and the Parliament deputy Ruben Wagensbergthe state attorney general delegates to his number two.

In an interview with SER chain, Alvaro Garcia gave explanations: “The material with which the prosecutors of the Court work and what has reached the Supreme Court prosecutor’s office is different. What has reached the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office is a story and a reasoned exposition of a judge interpreting the facts of a case. What arrives is a document that details some facts and reaches a conclusion, but that has been made by a judge. The prosecutor of the National Court does have access to the case and makes his interpretation by looking at the facts, the case, the reports. The working material is different. They have the material they wanted to have. The Prosecutor’s Office always makes available all the material they can understand. They have understood that a reasoned statement was enough.”

As we pointed out this past Thursday, the Supreme Court prosecutors only considered the judge’s reasoned presentation last Tuesday, February 6, to define their decision. Manuel García-Castellón. Among the Supreme Court prosecutors, it was not considered necessary to ask the National Court Prosecutor’s Office for anything.

Tanto el primer borrador del ponente, Álvaro Redondo, como el segundo tenían un punto en común: carecen de motivación. En el primero, Redondo apoya la imputación de Puigdemont; en el segundo se pronuncia en contra. Pero si alguien quiere saber por qué, lo tendrá crudo.