P.How long is it forever? ” Alice asks the White Rabbit. And he replies: “Sometimes just a second.” The perception of time is variable. There are those who master it, those who let themselves be invaded by anxietywho knows how to manage it with balance.

    “The rotation of the Sun around the Earth” (for the geocentric astronomical model), Andreas Cellarius, 1660 (photo Ipa).

    It also depends on the Zodiac. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn they are not caught unprepared. They have their feet planted in reality and do not suffer the call of the past. Looking back risks distracting us from the here and now.

    «Time is the currency of your life. It is the only one you own and you can decide how to spend “confirms the poet Carl Sandburg, born on January 6 under the sign of Capricorn.

    Faster and more disenchanted in grasping the flow of life i Air signs: “Never before have we had so little time to do so much,” writes Franklin D. Roosevelt, born on January 30 under the sign ofAcquarium.

    It’s not as easy to let time go by for i Fire signs. It is enough to have Mercury and Venus in Cancer to tinge even a nostalgia Lion like Jung: “I don’t regret the people I’ve lost over time, but I regret the time I’ve lost with certain people, because people didn’t belong to me, the years did.”

    And the signs of water? Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces they know how to mix amazement and practical sense. «Time is an illusion» writes Einstein, Pisces who goes beyond any emotion because he has already understood everything.

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