The arms of the incredible young man swing at a height of 3 meters

Basketball enters a new era when Frenchman Victor Wembanyana makes his first appearance to the NBA audience.

San Antonio Spurs fans have welcomed Victor Wembanya with open arms. PDO

Only 19 years old and no less than 224 centimeters tall Victor Wembanyana takes basketball sportsmanship to a new level. The San Antonio Spurs’ number one reserve has insanely long arms, which at best swing at a height of a good three meters.

It is already clear that “Wemby” will break the league record in blocks.

My French fries have already sparked real basket fever in Texas. Everyone wants to have their share of the miracle.

Part of the coaching staff of local rival Dallas Mavericks God Shammgod showed in the team’s training what the opponents have to prepare for. Shammgod’s arms were attached to more than a meter long “extensions” as he scared his players with his cries of “Wemby, Wemby”.

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Even before his first match, Wembanyama is the most talked about player in the league. The hype has long since grown over the Frenchman’s undeniably handsome frames.

Yet many believe the reality is even more amazing.

– We have never seen a guy who can both defend and handle the ball. He can affect the game in so many different ways, a legend of the sport Magic Johnson said for USA Today.

– He will change the history of Spurs. The effect is probably the same as With LeBron (James), when he entered the league. This young man is truly special.

Poor Spurs

Of course, the media’s attention is drawn to Wemby’s enormous reach. However, his size is only a part of a frightening overall package, which also combines the understanding of the game and throwing accuracy honed in the French league.

Critics emphasize that there are only a few practice matches behind them. The real test will come when the NBA’s honeymoon months are over, and the Spurs will try to make their first playoff push since spring 2019.

The five-time NBA champion (most recently in 2014) has sunk deep into the bottom mud of the Western Conference. And maybe that’s why there’s such a huge circus around Wemby.

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Wembanyama averaged 19.3 points per game during the training season. He was of course number one in the rookie statistics, but confusingly he was also fifth in total points (77) taking all players into account.

The Spurs are not the strongest NBA team.

However, faith is hard. At least a five-time NBA champion coach Gregg Popovich confident in his new superstar.

– Victor has already passed the test. There has been hype around him for a long time, but it doesn’t affect him in any way. He is extremely mature and mentally strong, “Coach Pop” said.

Wembanyama himself has left talking to less and focused only on his game performances.

– A lot of new information, game patterns and instructions are coming all the time. A lot that I have not seen or known before. You have to be really focused on the field, because if you panic for a moment, you’re screwed for the next 15 seconds, the super teenager thought on the eve of the league season.

Wemby (right) still has a lot to learn about life in the United States. PDO