The Argentine team leaves the field after a massive fight in the Maracaná stands

Rio de Janeiro

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The albiceleste players returned 17 minutes later to prepare for the match

A widespread fight in the stands of the Maracaná stadium in which the Albiceleste fans were concentrated delayed the start of the classic between Brazil and Argentina and led the Argentine players to retire to the locker room due to his inability to contain his temper.

The world champions, with Messi at the helm, tried to contain the confrontation between Argentine fans and the Rio de Janeiro police, but, faced with their fruitless efforts, they preferred to return to the locker rooms waiting for a solution.

Returned 17 minutes later

The Argentine team returned to the field after being absent for 17 minutes after the fight. The qualifying match will begin after ten minutes of warm-up, as reported by the team delegates.