The ChatGPT artificial intelligence is not fully aware of the rules of information security.

    Artificial intelligence is not flawless. In the past, ChatGPT has received criticism for, among other things, spreading false information. Colourbox

    ChatGPT, a chat program developed by OpenAI, was given by the editor of the American Financial Times Dave Lee number forward.

    If the tweet is not visible, you can view it from here.

    ChatGPT enables conversation with artificial intelligence.

    The user had asked if the chatbot could be reached using instant messaging applications, to which ChatGPT had suggested a conversation using the instant messaging service Signal. After this, the bot had added the journalist’s number to the conversation.

    – I can’t figure out why my number ended up in this context, Lee commented in his tweets.

    However, Lee’s number is not completely secret, he shares it publicly on his page.

    ChatGPT has already received criticism in the past that it might give completely false answers to questions instead of admitting its ignorance. For example, a non-fiction writer Petteri Järvinen wrote in his bloghow ChatGPT had given him answers that were completely dry, when Järvinen asked the artificial intelligence about the tallest building in Finland.