The acting couple Kaisa and Heikki Hela have been together for 13 years – Two things always comfort Kaisa

Actress Kaisa Hela reveals how she and her husband Heikki Hela spoil each other.

Kaisa Hela has drawn from her painful experiences for her new play. PDO

Actor Kaisa Hela has been talking to his mother about his new play.

Eerika Rantanen’s life so far the basis of its actors, Ria Katajan, Eeva Soivion and Kaisa Helan, to personal experiences. The actors have even given the character their own names – Eerika is a combination of the first letters of each first name.

In the play, the trio goes through their personal experiences from their youth: moving away from home, separating from their parents and starting an independent life in a new city. Stories about moments when you felt like you were at the bottom. Struggles in relationships and with parents. Finding yourself.

– I have told my mother not to look for yourself there. He may recognize situations. But there are also situations from the lives of Eeva and Ria. It’s the experience of the three of us as mothers, Hela explains.

You shouldn’t wait for self-recognition after losing your youth either. Eerika’s first love is infused with the first partners and first heartaches of all the actors. The play is not autofiction, but the real stories are hidden.

Two things

Hela turned years old at the beginning of February. In honor of the anniversary Spouse Heikki Hela took the hero out to eat. There were roses waiting at home.

– Heikki is good at pampering. When we met, I said that there are two things that always put me in a good mood, for example in an argument situation: roses and crisps. You can’t go wrong with them.

Heikki and Kaisa Hela have been married for eight years. PDO

This has been adhered to. During the 13-year relationship, the spouse has also realized that there is no need to change the formula that works. Roses and chips work until the end.

Hela herself spoils her husband with a boston cake or a bun.

– He is a man who grew up in a bun, Hela says gently and continues that books are also a perfect gift for a well-read husband.

Propitiation gifts as such are not really needed in everyday life. In the early days, one was taken in everyday things, while one was still getting to know the other. Over the years, life has become common, angles have been sharpened and understanding has grown. Arguments rarely arise.

– I have an extremely temperamental nature. Heikki is soft, Hela describes.


At the moment, Hela lives a balanced everyday life. The jobs circulate the freelance actor all over Finland. In between, there is time to be at home, exercise and enjoy life. The couple has no children, so you can define your own everyday life yourself.

Hela has learned to live in the moment. Of course there are dreams, but the most important thing is to enjoy the things that are now.

In the new film Hayhattu ja Vilttitsusu, Hela got to act with chickens. Jana Machackova-Oey

Work that you enjoy is valuable. Other roles can also be accommodated during theater project holidays. Hela can be seen, among other things, in the new one A hay hat, a blanket slipper and a chicken in the movie.

– It was really fun acting with the chickens. They are not really in very strong contact, they were controlled by throwing seeds. Then, when they got around me, the camera had to start immediately, because there was about ten seconds to film, Hela laughs.

Janne Kataja and Krisse Salminen also star in Hayhattu, Vilttitsusu ja Kana. Pete Anikari