“That’s why I’m sharing this”

Emma Pallant-Browne does not hesitate to bring up a problem familiar to female athletes.

Emma Pallant-Browne, 34, has won many Ironman races. PDO

A triathlete by Emma Pallant-Browne The competition photo shared on Instagram attracted attention and generated feedback, because the most observant noticed a menstrual leak in the crotch of her swimsuit.

The shot was taken at the competition held in Ibiza on May 6.

If you don’t see the embed, you can watch it from here (Instagram).

Some of those who responded to the publication wished that Pallant-Browne would have cropped the picture taken during the run so that no blood trail would have been visible.

According to the Brit, the sight of the leak didn’t bother her because it happened to be part of the competition performance this time.

– Thank you for caring, but it’s definitely something I’m not shy about talking about because it’s the reality of women’s sports, Pallant-Browne replied to someone who demanded the image be edited.

– I pray that they don’t come on the day of the race, but sometimes they do. No matter what tampon I use, after three hours it becomes too heavy.

Pallant-Brownen reminds that athletes have various problems during competitive performances, some of them, for example, intestinal problems.

Through her own example, she wants to remove the stigma associated with having periods in a competitive situation.

– If you wrote to me that 99 percent of women would have been ashamed, then that’s exactly why I’m sharing this, because there’s nothing wrong with that, Pallant-Browne emphasizes in her update.

Para athlete Stef Reid’s by the attitude of a top triathlete is commendable.

– We see pictures of athletes with bruises and blood all the time. Why should this be ashamed?