That’s why Hollywood star Woody Harrelson is a hero to Chris Martin

Host Conan O’Brien spoke with Coldplay singer Chris Martin for the episode of his podcast, Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend, which was released last Monday (March 20). During the hour-long conversation, the two also talked about actor Woody Harrelson. Martin surprisingly called him a “hero” for being extremely nice to one of the singer’s younger brothers at a Coldplay concert for no reason.

Amusing mix-up

He also told a story according to which his father once talked to the actor at a concert without recognizing him. According to his son, Anthony Martin has the gift of finding people interesting by asking them questions. Which is why he often gets in touch with the band crew. Of these, according to the singer, “a lot of them have names like ‘Bash’ or ‘Hoppy’, ‘Mystic’, like that. And then he hit [sein Vater] this guy called ‘Woody’ and addressed him like, ‘And what’s your job? Are you rolling up cables?’ and it was Woody Harrelson.” O’Brien then shares a similar story about his mother and Jim Carrey.

They got to talking about the star after the singer reflected on the reactions to his outfit at this year’s Grammy Gala. There he had read out the names of the nominees in the “Record of the Year” category. Dressed in jeans, a sweatshirt and an oversized beanie. He thought about it a lot: “I’m happy to put on an outfit or a uniform if it helps me look better, but I don’t agree with telling people how to dress.”

He then posed the question of whether clothing could convey respect, since he respects the Grammys very much, but on the other hand, with a strange comparison, he took up the idea that external appearances are only external appearances. “Maybe we’ve been manipulated into thinking that if you don’t wear a tuxedo you can’t get married. But of course it works. […] What if you’re an ax murderer, but dressed properly? What better groom than Woody Harrelson, who loves with all his heart but wears surfer pants?”

Harrelson married his wife Laura Louie in Hawaii in 2008 in what appears to be a very modest ceremony.

Martin and Coldplay announced in late January that a new album from the group would be out soon. MOON MUSIC is set to follow on from MUSIC TO THE SPHERES, which was released in 2019.