“That’s where you can talk about coincidence”

In a new documentary, Assi Koivisto-Allonen describes what kind of father President Mauno Koivisto was.

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of President Mauno Koivisto, a fresh documentary is being published. Over

November will be the 100th anniversary of the president Mauno Koiviston from birth.

In honor of the anniversary, a documentary has been made, Yktytinen Koivisto, which will be shown today on the TV1 channel.

In the documentary, the spouses tell stories about the late president Tellervo Koivisto and a daughter Assi Koivisto-Allonena writer Jari Tervon guided by. The author of Koivisto’s biography series also shares his observations Tapio Bergholm.

Tellervo Koivisto says that Mauno did not charm him at first sight. Over

Tellervo Koivisto, on the other hand, describes the couple’s first meeting in the documentary.

Mauno Koivisto and Tellervo Kankaanranta had ended up at the door of a dance venue in Turku at the same time. The place was closed, so Mauno introduced himself and suggested looking for another dance place.

– That’s where you can talk about coincidence, Tellervo says.

At first, the man did not arouse Tellervo’s interest in any way. However, he charmed with his dancing skills. Mauno seemed like a personable and trustworthy man.

– It’s not quite usual to start talking about the essence of the truth either, Tellervo recalls the first meeting.

– He didn’t try to get closer, but nevertheless suggested the next meeting. That’s how it started.

The documentary also shows previously unseen home movies of the Koivisto family. Over

Love surprised. The engagement was exchanged just three months later in March 1951.

The couple got married in the summer of 1952, daughter Assi was born in May 1957.

Dad’s movie star

Assi describes Mauno as a concrete parent. Dad taught me to ride a bike, swim and light a fire. In the documentary, it is described that Mauno was always there as a parent, but not present. He spent a lot of time at home, for example, reading non-fiction or studying Russian.

Assi Koivisto-Allonen sheds light on his father’s private life in the documentary. Over

Assi also starred in kaitafilms shot by Mauno. In the documentary, for the first time, extensive excerpts from films shot by the president about his family can be seen.

– He liked rascals, even though he was technically completely untalented. When a daughter who wanted to perform was around, it was a perfect union: one could film, the other could perform, says Assi.

Private Koivisto today on TV1 at 19:00 & Arena. See all TV programs and broadcast times in Telku’s TV guide.