The Musikexpress and the Macromedia University join forces and launch the video series “That’s ME”. what do you stand for What do you want to achieve for yourself and society? Which music, which style, which hobby empowers you? These questions are the focus of the colorful clips by the film students at Macromedia University, which are now being shared both on our website and on our Instagram channel.

    For “That’s ME” the students went out with their cameras and captured exciting personalities with the most diverse backgrounds and attitudes in image and sound. The result is a series of short, striking portraits of multi-faceted people and their strong positions.

    The Macromedia University of Applied Sciences is a university of applied sciences where you can study filmmaking for a bachelor’s degree, for example, and thus prepare yourself perfectly for a future in the media industry. In a practice-oriented course of study, both technical and given artistic tools. The clips, which the students made in cooperation with MUSIKEXPRESS, are small works of art that allow you to immerse yourself in the world of people and at the same time encourage you to think and think further. “That’s ME” is inspiration in video form and illustrates the variety of extremely creative characters in and around Berlin.

    See part 6 here with Leo and the challenges in the past and future

    Video: Björn Morgenroth, Caroline Schwenkglenks, Claudia Xiomara Dünnweg
    Portrayed: Leo Traber

    From now on there will be a new clip in the series every day – so stay tuned! Click here for Olad, Ikenna, Iana, Felix and Analucía.