That’s how short the meeting between Prince Harry and King Charles was

Prince Harry flew straight to Britain after hearing about his father’s cancer news.

Prince Harry and Prince William have no plans to meet. PDO

Prince Harry, who lives in California, flew to Britain on Tuesday. Harry arrived at Heathrow Airport 11 hours after Buckingham Palace announced that King Charles had cancer. Harry flew to Britain without his wife Meghan and the family’s children.

The British press has speculated that Harry’s relationship with his father and brother Prince William has improved, which is evidenced by Harry’s sudden departure to London. However, royal sources have said that the brothers are not seeing each other.

Harry’s relations with the royal family and especially with William have been strained since Harry left the court. Many public revelations, such as sensational books, have not narrowed the gap any closer.

The Daily Mail says that Harry would have liked to meet his brother if the invitation had gone through – however, this did not happen.

Harry is believed to have spent the night in a London hotel. Harry no longer has an apartment in Britain. However, the British newspapers speculated in advance that Harry would stay at his former home in Frogmore, which has been empty for a long time.

Prince William is believed to be still focusing as much as possible on his family, as his wife Catherine is currently recovering from abdominal surgery. However, William will return to work today, Wednesday.

Prince William returns to work on Wednesday. William was supposed to devote his time to his family, as his wife, Princess Catherine, is currently recovering from abdominal surgery. PDO

45 minutes

However, Harry met his father, Charles, who has cancer, on Tuesday. Harry headed straight from the airport to Clarence House, i.e. Charles and Camilla’s home, to meet his father. Just 45 minutes later, Charles headed to Sandringham.

Sandringham is home to one of the royal family’s homes. They often spend holidays there and the family has said they have a great time there.

It is not yet known how long Harry’s visit to London will last. It has been speculated that it won’t last long though.

On Monday, Charles announced to his children that he had cancer. The cancer was discovered when Charles was being treated for an enlarged prostate.

The court has not said what kind of cancer Charles has. However, Hov was told that it is not prostate cancer.

King Charles was diagnosed with cancer. The treatments have already started. PDO

After the cancer news, Prince Harry headed straight to London. Backgrid

Source: CNN, Daily Mail and The Guardian