Stefan drowned Martina in gifts and trips, but the sudden enrichment was also the fate of the relationship.

    Martina Aitolehti met by Stefan Therman Spread when marriage Esko Eerikäinen with already dragged his last.

    A young guy joined the same party at the restaurant on the slopes – the habitus of a Californian surfer, the teeth of a Colgate ad, an unwavering self-confident look, blond strong hair – as described in Stefania Martina’s recent biography.

    It turned out that the young man was a 25-year-old real estate agent just starting his career, whose father had made a living decades earlier in the hotel and real estate industry.

    “I let myself go”

    Martina had always felt attracted to men who looked her in the eye and took her space. Stefan was like that.

    – I actually felt how I started to get attached to its attraction field, Martina recalls in the book.

    A safe Esko was waiting at home, a littleFor Victoria devoted wonderful father figure. Martina was stuck in a relationship, she longed to go out and have a good time.

    – I’ve often wondered if my characteristic way of getting out of an old relationship is to cling to a new person as hard as possible.

    – When Stefu came into the designs, I just let myself go, Martina recalls.

    Things moved quickly. Martina and Esko filed for divorce together, Martina moved in with Stefani and soon she was pregnant.

    It was easy for Martina to throw herself. Through her parents, Stefu had a name, wide circles of acquaintances and interesting connections. Stefu was also upper class in the same way that Martina herself thought. I preferred to eat well and through a long formula than to eat takeout at home. The suits had to be custom made and the watch had to be visible. And it wasn’t a bad thing if the car made the gang’s heads turn.

    Stefani’s wealth grew quickly and the man chased the money flows elsewhere, while Martina was homebound due to her pregnancy.

    – Our first year we were like shirt and ass, after moving in together, Stefu’s Menojalka started to waver. And what happened when there was a sane and level-headed lady at home who cleaned the room and cooked the meals, Martina says in her book.

    He was troubled.

    A roller coaster relationship

    In June 2012, when Martina was six months pregnant, she announced to the public that she was divorcing Stefan.

    Isabella was born in September 2012. Stefan had just inherited his father’s real estate empire and used it as a stepping stone to create his own career.

    The couple persevered together, despite the earlier announcement of separation. In 2016, the family moved to a bigger apartment in Helsinki’s Tähtorninmäki.

    In May 2017, Stefan wrote on Facebook that he had divorced his common-law wife. Martina denied the rumor and announced that the couple was just leaving for Spain. The relationship was like a roller coaster.

    In February 2018, Martina published pictures Katri Niskanen wearing a designed wedding dress. They were supposed to get married the following summer. The wedding never came.

    After all, the couple got engaged in August 2019.

    In the Uncensored Päivärinta program, Martina said that one of the biggest tests in their relationship was Stefani’s will to stay out of the public eye, which was difficult to reconcile with Martina’s social media presence.

    – During the years I spent with Stefu, the way our private life was discussed in public started to annoy me more and more, Martina states in the book.

    Desire to be alone

    Martina was an adult woman in her thirties, entrepreneur and mother of two children. He was still flamboyant and impulsive by nature and had a strong ethos of going his own way, but at the same time he was the one who ran the family with children.

    Stefani had a lot of power and a lot of responsibility and also the need to reset in a big way. He needed his own kind of freedom to relieve his stress. And the rich, handsome young man never had a shortage of companionship.

    – Right after we moved in together, I literally stared at the ceiling all night for the next year. The horror images of the whole world came to my mind when I didn’t know where Stefu was chilling, says Martina.

    Stefu compensated her suspicious spouse with gifts and trips, then they posed together on Instagram – until months passed and the relationship drifted into arguments one after another.

    – When enough years passed, I stopped caring. It didn’t matter if Stefu was missing for a day or a week, I just stopped asking. I guess some conclusions could be drawn from that when I no longer cared and could not influence, Martina states in the book.

    Martina had time to think about her life and her relationship while sailing across the Atlantic. Pete Anikari

    After sailing across the Atlantic in reality television, Martina decided that enough was enough. He informed Stafan that he was moving out of the shared home. The news of the breakup was made public in the spring of 2020.

    In her book, Martina also tells the ultimate reason for the breakup:

    – I broke up with Stefu because I realized that I had never really been alone in my life. The most important thing for me right now is the opportunity to be myself and do what I want.

    However, Martina did not enjoy herself for a long time. He was first linked to the Swedish “Mr. B”. Then an ex-hockey player entered the picture Hannu Pikkarainen. The book does not tell about these men.

    Martina Aitolehti and Hippo Taatila: Martina – Taistelija (WSOY) will be published on August 10.

    In the Iholla program shown in 2021, Martina hinted at her mystery man.