Patty Brard encourages Roxeanne Hazes now that she is in the news because she has filed a case against her mother Rachel. “It is as her father would have wanted it.”

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    Roxeanne Hazes and her mother Rachel Hazes will face each other in court next month because of a dispute about the legacy of the late André Hazes. There would be talk of Rachel having appropriated too much of his estate. According to Rob Goossens, millions of euros are at stake.

    ‘Not Rox’ initiative’

    According to Shownieuws expert Bart Ettekoven, the lawsuit was not initiated by Roxeanne. “The headlines in all the newspapers are: ‘Roxeanne is suing mother’, but it still seems that it is the administrator who is behind this.”

    The summary proceedings have not only been initiated by Roxeanne, but also by this administrator. “He was once appointed by the late André Hazes to ensure that his legacy would be distributed in the right way and end up in the right places. Part of it went to Rachel, of course, but another part also to his children.”

    “Hey I want money”

    That casts a completely different view on the matter, says Bart. “It’s not the daughter who is now ringing the bell and saying: ‘Hey, I want money’, or something else, but there is an administrator who would have drawn her attention to it. Again: we are not sure, because both parties do not want to say anything about it.”

    Patty Brard steps in for Roxeanne. “I do know that there have been attempts to communicate back and forth for some time to resolve this out of court. That did not work. Then it is indeed the task of an administrator appointed by her father to see who gets what and whether it ends up well.”

    ‘That’s how André wanted it’

    According to Patty, it is important that this comment is made. “It is not actually Roxeanne herself, but on the advice of and as her father wanted it.”

    Bart: “It is painful to see once again that the judge is needed for this and that the family cannot come to an agreement among themselves.”

    Hazes tired

    Bart: “Rox has always wanted to keep away from all the noise in that family and to concentrate on the music and not on all the negativity. I mean: we sometimes say that the Netherlands is a bit tired of Hazes and Rox really wants to stay far away from that.”

    Presenter Dyantha Brooks: “But you can’t really be Rox-tired, can you?”

    Patty: “No, but that is of course also a thing, because her name is Hazes. I can also imagine… Her name is also Hazes, so I can imagine that if you are in her shoes and you hear the word Hazes-moe, you think: that is also about me.”