thanks to a few pricks in your ear (!) it really works this time

You start with the good intention to ban cigarettes with fresh courage. Thanks to Monique Hermus from Tren Counseling you keep the focus on your long-term goal: quitting smoking. And all with just a few pricks in your ear. No joke!

Four small pricks in your ear will help you get rid of the craving for a cigarette or vape. And the good thing is: some insurers reimburse up to one hundred percent of the treatment!

Small needles, big change

Monique is ear acupuncturist. She explains this herself: “There are nerves in your ear that correspond to your entire body. By placing very small needles at the ends, you stimulate a physical change.” Monique even gives her customers a guarantee certificate: if they start smoking or vaping again within six months, they will be treated again free of charge.

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With a few injections you are ready to quit smoking! | Photo: Tren Counseling

This is how the stop guarantee works

The moment the needles go into your skin, you are physically free of your vaping or smoking addiction. These ‘dots’ last for one to two weeks. After four weeks you can return to Monique for the stop guarantee. Do you suffer from weight gain, do you feel restless or are bowel movements difficult? Then you can get new needles.

You will soon feel the effects

The effects of quitting smoking or vaping are very special. After just twenty minutes, blood pressure and heart rate return to normal levels, and within 12 hours this also applies to the oxygen level. After one to three months you will experience less stress and have better sleep.

By the smoking cessation treatment from Tren Counseling, nicotine leaves the body faster. This improves self-control and calms the nervous system. So you feel calmer.

No extra kilos

Are you afraid of gaining weight after saying goodbye to cigarettes or vape? Don’t worry: Monique will guide you so that you don’t gain extra kilos. That’s something to look forward to!

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A thank you to Tren Counseling for helping you quit smoking
A thank you from a satisfied customer | Photo: Tren Counseling

Experience it yourself

If you make an appointment at Tren Counseling, you will first receive a good explanation – completely free of charge. Only then will you decide whether you want to stop smoking or vaping immediately, or not. Once every four weeks, Monique comes to Promenadeplein 111 in Zoetermeer.

Are you curious whether Tren Counseling treatments are something for you? The next times you can visit Monique by appointment are on Monday 11, Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 March at 9:00 am.