Thai masseuse gets six months in prison for defrauding a customer in love

Thai masseuse gets six months in prison for defrauding a customer in love

GV went to the police in early 2019. The victim claimed that YP had defrauded him of a total of 107,000 euros in three months. According to Master Bart Bleyaert, the defendant first asked for 5,000 euros twice, but the amounts kept increasing. The money was to be used to help family in need, such as her mother who suffered a broken arm and leg.

“will be left with an empty pocket”

“My client wants his money back, but knows that he will be left with an empty pocket,” the civil party pleaded. V. had to take out a loan himself in order to cough up the money. “I gave the money because I felt sorry for her. She cried profusely and I was gullible,” he said at the hearing.

The Public Prosecution Service had already asked for an outside prosecution in the council chamber and did not insist on a conviction on Monday morning. According to prosecutor Charlotte Vonck, it cannot be proven that P. deliberately misled her amorous customer to defraud him of money.

The defense also pressed for an acquittal. According to master Aline Claus, her client received 10,000 to 20,000 euros, but she never promised to pay that money back. “She never made up lies to get money.” In the first phase, the masseuse was simply compensated for services rendered, while later it would have been donations.


At the hearing, YP stated that it was a loan at first, but that she would not have to repay the money if they started a relationship. The chairman openly wondered whether that relationship was not a gimmick. “I did not want a relationship, but only agreed to get money,” the defendant then responded.