TH Lübeck is offering three new study programs for the summer semester of 2024

I am incredibly pleased that we can now offer a home to all prospective students beyond the Bachelor’s degree who see their professional future in the areas of applied physics, sustainable chemistry and environmental managementsays the President of the TH Lübeck, Dr. Muriel Helbig. With the three new masters, we are giving our current students and prospective students the opportunity to pursue their path at the TH Lübeck from a bachelor’s degree to a master’s degree and up to a cooperative doctorate, adds Helbig. The three new masters expand the TH Lübeck offering to a total of 41 study programs. In 39 of them you can enroll at the TH Lübeck. There are 13 courses in the department Applied Natural Sciences anchored.

What all three offers have in common is that they specifically prepare students for collaboration with other disciplines in the world of work Bringing knowledge from the natural sciences into application. Prof. Dr. Maximilian Student, head of the master’s program Environmental management is sure: Students don’t get very far with just the scientific basics. With us, they apply and train their knowledge in a practical context.

This orientation is particularly evident in a joint skills project that the students complete in their first semester. In this project, the students in different roles face a common task. These situations, which are also typical in the working world, enable you to specifically practice communication and presentation techniques. But you also learn how team organization can work and adopt other perspectivessays Prof. Dr. Markus Riotte, head of the new master’s program Applied Physics.

For Schleswig-Holstein as a business location, it is more important than ever to attract highly qualified specialists in the field of applied natural sciences. Our graduates are able to design processes in a way that conserves resources and is environmentally friendly. Because only sustainable chemistry is fit for the futuresays Prof. Dr. Dagmar Willkomm, head of the master’s program Sustainable chemistry.

With her studies qualify the graduates of the three master’s programs for Key positions in industry, administration and non-governmental organizations. In environmental management, master’s graduates can actively work on shaping the transformation process towards a decarbonized circular economy. In applied physics, for example, they drive technology development and application in medium-sized companies and startups. Students in the Master of Sustainable Chemistry contribute their expertise in, among other things, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries or the food industry.

Prospective students can find further information about the offers, entry requirements and application deadlines (February 29, 2024) here:

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Sustainable chemistry
Environmental management