Teun blows his mind on walkie-talkie for ‘alcohol control’

A nice afternoon out in Eindhoven with his friends, thought Teun (22) from Nijmegen. But while his party mates were allowed into a carnival tent, he was stopped because he tripped over a fence. A video in which Teun blows twice on a walkie-talkie to prove that he is not drunk went viral.

“When I tripped over that fence, I was immediately taken away by two security guards,” says Teun. “I immediately got stressed, because my friends were already going in. Then I stood there alone.”

One of the security guards says that Teun has to take a breath test. If it turns out that he is not drunk, he can enter. But he is then not presented with a blow device, but the antenna of the security guard’s walkie-talkie.

“I didn’t realize anything at all. I was completely focused on doing the breath test correctly so that I could get in,” says Teun, who admits to having already had something to drink. “It wasn’t until I had to blow the second time that I vaguely realized that something was strange.”

Viral on Tiktok
The security guards posted the video to them TikTok where it has already been viewed almost 730,000 times. Teun, who was allowed in after the joke, later found his friends in the tent.

“It is the second year in a row that I have pulled this joke. That boy was on the edge of drunk, but in a funny way. I don’t do this to everyone, it has to suit someone,” says security guard Rendel van den Heuvel.

“He was especially very happy that he was still allowed in. But I am not going to do this joke again this carnival. Once a year is enough. Next year again,” the security guard warns.