Testaankoop is again asking for compensation for those who have been waiting months for their energy contract bill | Domestic

Thousands of consumers have been waiting for several months for the final bill for their energy contract. Testaankoop points out that some customers have not seen a statement for more than two years. The consumer organization is again asking for compensation “for anyone who has to wait far too long for clarity about their energy bill”.

The problems started at the end of 2021, when the Atrias platform was launched. The intention was to make the settlement faster, more transparent and more accurate, but in the meantime many problems still appear to arise.

Atrias must ensure that data such as meter readings reach the energy suppliers, but the meter readings of thousands of customers are stuck in the software system. And as long as they remain stuck there, those customers will not receive a final bill.

In Flanders, approximately 3,500 meters have been blocked for more than six months, and in total there are more than 18,000 meters in the north of the country, says Testaankoop. Another 15,800 meters are blocked on the French-speaking side.

The problem has been going on for a long time

Testaankoop already complained about the situation in March 2023. A letter was then sent to State Secretary for Consumer Protection Alexia Bertrand (Open Vld). The energy ombudsman Eric Houtman also asked for compensation to the affected families at the beginning of last year.

When the summer 2023 deadline was not met, the deadline was moved to October this year. Testaankoop calls it “unacceptable” that consumers have to wait so long for their invoice. The organization repeats its request for compensation from March last year and has now asked Bertrand that question again.

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