The old forester's house in Berlin

    The old forester has to be adapted for the Europa League. Artificial turf must be laid instead of concrete Photo: City Press

    By Matthew Koch

    The opponent for Union’s test on Tuesday has been determined. At 4:15 p.m., the Köpenicker will meet second division side Hannover 96. The game will take place in the Jahn-Sportpark!

    Why? Construction work in the Alte Försterei for the Europa League!

    In competitive international matches, Uefa prescribes warm-up zones for the substitutes on the side of the main grandstand. That’s why the concrete between the coaches’ benches and the baseline has to be replaced with artificial turf in Köpenick.

    This will be done in the week after the Hertha game.


    Old forester’s house Hanover 96