Tesla: Apparently no market launch of the updated Model Y this year – at least in North America

There has been speculation about an updated version of Tesla’s all-electric Model Y mid-range SUV for some time. However, the US electric car manufacturer has now dashed its hopes of a market launch this year.

• Speculation about updating Tesla’s Model Y
• Probably no market launch in North America this year
• New version of Model Y could appear first in Europe and Asia

In addition to a new affordable compact model, codenamed “Redwood”, the Tesla boss Elon Musk announced some time ago, there has been speculation on the market for some time about an update to Tesla’s Model Y. Already in the spring of last year, the Reuters news agency reported, citing three people familiar with the plan, that Tesla was preparing a production revision of its best-selling Model Y – codenamed “Project Juniper”. At the time it was said that production would start this year. In late December 2023, Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the matter, that Tesla was conducting preparatory work for its facelifted Model Y in China at the time, and mass production could begin as early as mid-2024.

Tesla: “No launch of an updated Model Y this year”

But apparently the updated version of the Model Y – at least in North America – will no longer make it onto the market this year. According to TESLARATI, the US electric car maker has sent an email to delivery consultants and instructed them to communicate “transparently” that there will be no Model Y update this year. Teslascope discovered this email and shared a screenshot of it on X (formerly Twitter) last weekend.

“We have heard your feedback that some customers are waiting to place their Model Y order because they are expecting an update similar to Model 3,” Tesla wrote in the statement. “It is important that we communicate transparently that there will be no market launch of an updated Model Y this year,” said the US electric car manufacturer, who at the same time advocated that there is no better time for customers to do so start driving the world’s best-selling car.

New version of Model Y could appear earlier in Europe and Asia

Nevertheless, Teslascope, among others, still assumes that a new version of the Model Y will come onto the market in the coming years – possibly as early as the first or second quarter of 2025.

As TESLARATI reports, some also suspect that the model may appear earlier in other markets. The updated Model Y could appear on the market first in Europe and Asia and then in North America. This was also the case with the updated Model 3. If the schedule is similar to that of the Model 3, the new Model Y could appear on the market in Europe and Asia by the end of this year and in North America later in January, there is further speculation.

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