Terrie the Frikandell Queen sings a song of praise about her favorite snack

Terrie Eisinger (39) from Sint-Michielsgestel sometimes eats eight frikandels in a week in the craziest variations, making her a real hit on TikTok. Now the frikandel queen of Brabant, as she calls herself, has even made her own song: ‘Frikan Del Sol’. She hopes to conquer the charts with this. “But most of all I hope to bring a smile to people’s faces.”

‘Don’t talk, enjoy yourself’ is the motto of the cheerful Brabo. She shouts it in all her TikTok videos. She started making videos a year and a half ago, in which she tried out special dishes. When she tried the discodel (a frikandel with disco dip) at the request of her followers, the Frikandel Queen was born. She tests one variation after another and now has 165,000 followers.

“I have already eaten so many special frikandels and had so much fun with them.”

In everyday life, Terrie is a management assistant at a construction company, but as soon as she gets home the frikandels are fried. When asked how many frikandels she eats per week, she says: “I don’t eat frikandels for breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are one or two every week, but when I record videos for TikTok I sometimes have outliers of eight or nine per week.”

In addition to the discodel, Terrie also tried frikandels with pizza, bapao and sushi on it. And she thought that deserved a song. “Of course, more songs have been made about the frikandel, but not about all those variations,” she says. “I have already eaten so many special frikandels and had so much fun with them. So I thought, that frikandel should have a song.”

“The frikandels slide down my throat better than the nuts!”

When she participated in the TV show ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ it all happened very quickly. Her team also included music producer Luc Weegels from Den Bosch and they started talking. “I said I really wanted to record a song and he was able to help me. That’s how the idea was born.”

They went into the studio, but quickly agreed that a real singer would sing the chorus. “So it wouldn’t sound like a cat whining,” laughs Terrie. “I was okay with rapping, but I don’t have a golden throat. The frikandels slide through better than the nuts!”

Terrie’s song ‘Frikan Del Sol’ will be released on October 27th. Will it be an early carnival hit? “It’s not really a hoempapa song, but it goes very well with the carnival,” says Terrie. “So I would really like it if that happened, but you can’t force that. I especially hope that it will make people happy.”