Teresa Mannino: who she is, Sanremo 2024, husband, daughter, tour

Dafter Marco Mengoni and Giorgia, Teresa Mannino arrives in Sanremo 2024. She is the one who accompanies Amadeus during the third evening, and this is it her first time as co-host of the Festival. An important debut that he waited a lifetime for and which arrived “when I no longer thought about it”, he declared at the press conference.

Teresa Mannino at Sanremo 2024: «This stage is every artist's dream»

Teresa Mannino’s debut at Sanremo 2024

«When I didn’t think about it anymore, Amadeus called me», he continued, underlining his disbelief at receiving the invitation. And now that she’s part of the machine, it all seems “very fun.” It’s a game for me to be here, inside something I watched as a child».

Regarding the clothes chosen to take the stage, he anticipated that Fausto Puglisi, creative director of Cavalli, will dress her. She was the one who anticipated it herself Instagram, publishing a sketch of an outfit. «I publish it, a lot I won’t spoil the surprise for you because it has a completely different effect on me!», she wrote with the usual irony that distinguishes her.

Sanremo 2024, Teresa Mannino and Fiorello. (IPA)

Who is Teresa Mannino

Born in 1970 in Palermo, after graduating from high school she graduated in philosophy in the Sicilian capital. The theater came into his life in 1998, when she moved to Milan, to enroll in the European acting school of the Carcano Theatre. The stage debut came in 1999: signed for Lysistrata by Aristophanes. This will be followed, among others, by The pity of the air by Eugène Ionesco e Bernarda Alba by Federico García Lorca.

He soon understands that classical theatre, however, is not his path. Teresa Mannino thus approaches cabaret and begins to perform at Zelig from Milan. From there to TV it’s a short step. In 2004 she debuted on stage Zelig Offthe forerunner of Zeligof which she will be one of the absolute protagonists. He conquers the audience with monologues built on the edge of irony in which he talks about Sicilian and Lombard clichés, but also the relationship between man and woman, parents and children and so on.

Sanremo 2024, Teresa Mannino. (IPA)

Career, from Zelig to the theater up to Sanremo 2024

While he is in the cast of Zelig – of which it is still part today – she landed on the radio and made her debut as an actress in series Commissioner Manara, Welcome to the table – North vs South And Inspector Montalbano. Here he stars in the episode The mud pyramidbroadcast in 2016. His first encounter with the world of Andrea Camilleri came two years earlier, in 2014, when he was at the helm of Andrea Camilleri – The master without rulesa documentary in which he interviews the writer and people who knew him.

He hosts on television The match of the heart And If I’m tonight herethe latter broadcast in 2012 on La7. In 2013 he was part of the jury of the talent show Otherwise we get angry on Rai 1 and in 2017 he leads Everyone at schoolthe opening ceremony of the school year, in the presence of the President of the Republic. At the cinema, however, he acts in films among others Love, lies & soccer, Good thing you’re there, Dad’s girlfriend, I’m getting married at Christmas, Ex – Friends like before And I and my brother.

The shows she is involved with at the theater are sold out after another and TV shows them again over the years. Between these, Terribly rambling (Rai 2, Nine), I was born on the twenty-third (Rai 5, Nove) e I feel the earth spinning (Nine). Immediately after participating in Sanremo 2024, he will return to tour with the show – obviously sold out – The jaguar looks at me askance, whose last date is scheduled for April 28th in Catania.

Private life, from ex-husband to daughter

The private life of Teresa Mannino, as for many comedians, he is a continuous source of inspiration to talk about the lives of others with irony. So over the years the comedian has talked about hers first marriagecontracted before turning thirty, for which she moved to Milan and approached the theater.

The marriage then failed and Andrea, a drummer she had known before getting married, arrived in her life. Andrea is also the father of the daughter Giuditta, born in 2009. Since 2014, however, she has been engaged to the film producer Paolo Santolini. Regarding his family of origin, we know that his father was a doctor, like his two brothers and sister, while his mother was a teacher.