Teoman: I’m a very talented actor!

The successful name of rock music Teoman was seen in Nişantaşı. The singer, who took part in the films ‘Mummy Escape’ (2002), ‘Balance and Maneuver’ (2002), ‘Romantik’ (2007), “Would you like to return to acting again?” He gave a striking answer to the question.

Teoman was photographed with his friends in Nişantaşı the previous day. The 54-year-old singer answered questions from members of the press while walking out of a venue.

Explaining that he shot a clip for a song from the album he made last year, Teoman said, “I will release a music video soon. I have two new songs that I did not write. I will release a small compilation album.”


The famous rocker said, “There will be old songs on the album, but there will be two songs that people will hear new. A song called ‘Don’t Stay in My Heart’ from the 1960s. There was a song I bought years ago, I didn’t know what to do, it was in my hand. While I was making the album, it was beautiful. “The album will contain 15 songs. We will add two new songs. Since it is a compilation album, I collect them all together. You can think of it as a compilation,” he said.


In the film ‘Bergen’, which tells the life story of Belgin Sarmışer and watched by about six million people in 38 days, the arabesque artist’s own voice, nicknamed ‘The Woman of Pain’, was not used, and the lead actress Farah Zeynep Abdullah sang the songs. While Abdullah’s voice was praised as much as his acting performance, some artists stated that they wanted to listen to unforgettable songs with Bergen interpretation and they were disappointed.

When asked about the actors’ singing in movies, Teoman commented, “I’m in favor of everyone doing what they want. I can’t believe in such rules.”


“Do you want to return to the big screen?” He answered the question, “I was a very incompetent player. I did not have a dream to be an actor. It was things I did for fun. There are offers from time to time, but I am lazy about such things. I consider myself semi-retired anyway. I do little work, I’ll hang out like this.”