Tennis, Djokovic according to Ivanisevic: “Thank you Sinner. And there were those among us who doubted”

Djokovic’s coach spoke after the Turin final: “By winning against Rune, Jannik demonstrated why he will become a champion. He and Alcaraz are the future of tennis”

Francesco Sessa

“By winning against Rune, Sinner showed why he will become a champion.” Goran Ivanisevic presents himself at the press conference after the victory of the ATP Finals by his “student” Djokovic and wants to talk, to tell stories, to leave a mark on the microphones too. Translated: it gives cascading titles. One after the other. Starting with a “dedication” to Sinner: “Thank you, Jannik: I have to thank you for your help and for pushing Nole into the semi-final. After having passed the group, I was sure that Djokovic would win the tournament: when the real Novak enters on the pitch, no one can win.”


A true Nole who, according to Ivanisevic’s words, “entered the pitch on Saturday against Alcaraz. What has changed? I saw it in his eyes, from how he entered the locker room, from how he presented himself on the training pitch. He is very difficult to beat Djokovic twice in one week and in the same tournament: today Nole interpreted the match differently from a tactical point of view. And Jannik felt a bit of pressure: there were a lot of expectations, she was one of the first great career finals. If you’re a little hesitant against Djokovic, you have no escape: it’s like when you face a lion, it eats you in two seconds.”


In short: Djokovic had the opportunity and exploited it like a champion. “When Sinner won against Rune, it was a relief,” continues Ivanisevic. “How did we spend the hours between the match with Hurkacz and Jannik’s success? We ate a pizza outside, I checked the score. After the first set I was happy, then once I entered the room the problems started. And someone from the team he said that perhaps Sinner wouldn’t have tried 100%, being already in the semi-final. But in that match he showed that he was competitive and wanted to win, as always happens when you play in front of your audience. I was very scared for the break point converted by Rune in the third set”. Only words of praise from Ivanisevic towards Sinner: “I’m a big fan of his. I’ve been following him since he was a junior, I like his tennis. I think he’s improved a lot in the last year. Now he believes he can win the Slams, we’ve also seen it this season: unfortunately at Wimbledon Nole found himself in the semi-finals. I think he and Alcaraz will be the future of tennis.”