Teenager punished for throwing fireworks into crowd during FC Emmen ceremony

“Very, very dangerous,” the judge said about the action of the (then) 17-year-old boy from Zwartemeer, who threw fireworks into a large group of people in Emmen. The crowd came to the celebration of FC Emmen on April 30, 2022, when the explosive exploded between them.

A woman suffered permanent hearing damage and two children were slightly injured. The boy did not take into account the bystanders and the consequences his action could have. The judge takes this seriously. He imposes a community service order of 100 hours on the now 18-year-old boy for serious assault and attempted assault. Half of this sentence is conditional.

The sentence is lower than the required 200 hours, half of which is conditional. The judge took more into account the personal circumstances. The boy does not lack a good upbringing, he works and is cooperative. The judge assumes a one-off incident. He must pay the victims a total of 1,750 euros in damages.