Teemu Selänne criticizes the age difference between Pekka Haavisto and Antonio Flores – Somekansa roars

Teemu Selänte’s comments caused reactions on social media.

Teemu Selänte’s comments sparked backlash. ATTE KAJOVA

Ice hockey legend Teemu Selänne caused a social uproar when he commented on presidential candidate Pekka Haavisto on social media.

Selänne commented on the post by a user of the messaging service X, where Haavisto poses with his spouse by Antonio Flores with. In the photo, Haavisto and Flores are on a tour from St. Petersburg to Estonia in 1998. The picture is taken from Ilta-Sanomi’s article. The two had met two years earlier in Colombia.

Slänne reacted to the publication by saying that it did not fit his values. Other users of the social platform responded to the former hockey player and pointed out that Selänte’s comment reflects anti-gay behavior.

– Here, of course, homosexuality is not a problem, but the age difference. The fact that an old guy is trying to hit on a really young boy. And this is not the only time. Is that ok with you? Well, as I said, each in his own style, Selänne answered.

The age difference between Haavisto, 65, and Flores, 45, is 20 years.

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A message to the hockey fans

Slänte’s answer caused an avalanche of comments. Many felt that Selänte’s attempt to turn the situation into an age gap problem was weak. They also pointed out that Selänte is in a role model position, which is why he should be more precise in his words.

Many considered the age difference issue raised by Selänte to be problematic, because, for example, the age difference between the President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö, 75, and his wife Jenni Haukio, 46, is 29 years.

– If we are talking about age differences, Selänne does not consider Niinistö to be a suitable president, one user wrote.

Another found Selänne’s comments shocking, because according to him, Selänne ” criticizes two grown men for falling in love because of the “age difference”.

SDP party board member Dimitri Qvintus hoped for the hockey fans’ reaction to the comments.

– The sport must let go of homophobia. I hope Selänne apologizes to Pekka Haavisto. At least public innuendo. ugly, Qvintus wrote.

Current member of parliament from the left-wing coalition and former football professional Timo Furuholm sent forces to the hockey team to fight for tolerance, which is still being done within the sport at the moment.

– Teemu Selänte’s homophobic comments yesterday tell quite a lot about the level at which our “values ​​discussion” can take place from time to time. Sad action from one of my childhood idols.

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Author Kaarina Hazard comments sarcastically on Alexander Stubb’s election campaign, because Selänne has publicly announced that she is in Stubb’s support group.

– Of all the men in the world, Teemu Selänne disapproves of the age difference between the presidential candidate couple. This Stubb’s campaign is getting better, there’s still no talent to be used, let’s go, Hazard said.

Vice-chairman of the Vantaa regional council Ulla Kaukola (sd) hoped that Selänne would focus his energy on hockey’s problem areas. He considered Selänte’s comments to be an understatement.

– Isn’t love and falling in love a matter for everyone? A happy thing, whatever the age, sexual orientation. You would be worried about violence and rape. They should not be accepted in a relationship or in hockey, Kaukola wrote.

Selänne has stirred with his comments before. Among other things, he has supported the former president of the United States and the current presidential candidate Donald Trump and has occasionally taken a sharp stand on national topics and political issues.

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