Status: 09/28/2022 7:15 p.m

    In terms of sport, the Skyliners Frankfurt were relegated last season. However, a wildcard makes it possible to take part in the BBL again. In the new season, the Hessians want to prove that they deserve this chance.

    The fact that the Skyliners Frankfurt are even playing in the Bundesliga this season they owe a wildcard. The team also wants to prove to fans and financiers that it belongs in this league – and that under the new head coach Geert Hammink, who came from the Dutch first division club ZZ Leiden.

    That’s how last season went

    The Skyliners Frankfurt were relegated from the Bundesliga for the first time at the end of last season, but thanks to a wildcard, the team is also there this season. The non-relegation of Frankfurt was possible because only the Rostock Seawolves rose from the 2nd Pro A league to the Bundesliga. The Tigers Tübingen, who would have had the right to a starting place in the BBL as a playoff finalist in the past season, gave up for financial reasons.

    The Frankfurt team was the only team to apply for special authorization. The wildcard cost the Skyliners 700,000 euros. “This will hurt us for a long time,” says managing partner Gunnar Wöbke. “But it made sense to save yourself going to the ProA, and now it’s time to look ahead.”

    Who is coming, who is going

    Geert Hammink succeeded coach Luca Dalmonte in the summer. He labeled the five weeks of preparation “not everything perfect”. The team has repeatedly been set back by injury-related time-outs. At the start of the season, the Dutchman has 14 healthy players available. He only has to do without compatriot Matt Haarms for a few more weeks because of a torn ligament in his ankle.

    For the 25-year-old, the Skyliners brought Martina’s gift from league competitor Bamberg to the Main last week. At 2.12 meters tall, the longest coach in the history of the Skyliners since 1999 has appointed winger Lukas Wank as the new captain. “I’m trying to get people together even more,” explains the 25-year-old. But the atmosphere is already better than last season. Overall, the squad at Hessen is complete.


    has an easy task the new coach Hammink Not. A lot of the preparation was about getting to know each other. Even if the former Alba Berlin center notes that the finding phase has got off to a good start, the process is not yet complete. In two months at the latest, he wants to know exactly who is best placed where.

    But one thing comes first for him: “We want to improve every second – and with hard work. If we do that, we will win our games.” Maybe not the worst approach after the disastrous last season. His idea of ​​basketball also sounds very simple: “We want to play team basketball.”

    expectations for the season

    Despite the four defeats in six friendlies, Hammink sees a steady increase in his team. However, the coach does not publicly state precise goals for the season. However, managing director Yannick Binas insists that “not staying in the league is not an option”. And that the partners, who were all loyal to the Skyliners, made it clear that they now had to deliver.

    Coach Hammink wants to play faster on the floor in the future. “It can sometimes look chaotic. And it can also be,” he says. But after a few months you know if it works. “The problem for the opponent will be that they have to defend just as quickly.”