Taylor Swift: Her father is said to have hit a photographer

What really happened? Was Taylor Swift harassed by a paparazzo and Scott Swift lashed out?

The police in the Australian state of New South Wales are investigating the allegations made by photographer Ben McDonald. Taylor Swift’s father, Scott Swift, allegedly punched him in the face on the night of February 27th.

A police spokeswoman told AFP that authorities had been informed of an attack at the Neutral Bay Wharf jetty. However, they did not provide any information about the identities of those involved at this time.

“I didn’t know who he was”

The singer was on a yacht in the city’s bay after her last of four concerts in Sydney. As she walked from the pier to a waiting vehicle, McDonald took a photo of her, but her team of security guards tried to prevent him from doing so, according to AFP.

While Swift was already sitting in the car, a man allegedly came up to him and used violence against the photographer. “He hit me in the face,” McDonald told AFP. “I didn’t know who he was.” It was only when he looked at more photos afterwards that he realized that it was Scott Swift who had attacked him. “It was a shock,” said the photographer. “Something like this hasn’t happened to me in 26 years.”

Police did not say whether the 71-year-old was questioned about the allegations.

Taylor Swift’s environment comments on the allegations

A spokesman for Taylor Swift did not immediately respond to questions about the allegations, but said two people had “aggressively” approached the pop star, according to AFP. They touched their security staff and threatened to throw an employee into the water.

Taylor Swift wrapped up the Australian leg of her highly successful “Eras” tour on Monday night. The next concerts will take place in Singapore.