Taxi driver Ashraf (21) exposed thanks to smart doorbell: ‘He caused victims on a large scale’ | Lelystad

He said he was only a taxi driver. But several trips that Ashraf A. (21) made turned out to result in sophisticated chatter tricks. Old people became victims. On a large scale. “Cowardly, these people were easy prey.”

It is a summer day in 2023 when Ashraf picks up a 15-year-old boy at the Albert Heijn in Almere Parkwijk. He normally drives for the taxi service Uber, but occasionally also takes ‘mustache rides’. This is one of those illegal rides, arranged via Snapchat.

The two of them drive to Bruinisse in Zeeland, about 170 kilometers away. Ashraf drops off his passenger, waits for some time and then picks the teenager up again.

What happens in the meantime will become clear in court. Because a similar ride takes place a month later. This time the destination is an address in Lelystad. And this time the duo is caught.