Christmas gifts, New Year’s parties, drinks here, drinks there… December has been an expensive month for many Zoetermeer residents. Partly thanks to the many, luxurious food. Do you want to pay attention to your expenses in the coming period, but not to fun? Then here are some tips to get cheap but also healthy food.

    Roadside stalls

    As a Zoetermeer you may be inclined to stay in the city and do your shopping there. You can, but you can also take a bike and explore the areas around Zoetermeer. There you will find stalls along the road in some places where you can buy vegetables, potatoes or eggs, for example. A few addresses you can go to are:

    • Fresh eggs from the chicken farmer at Middelweg 1 (between Zoetermeer and Stompwijk).
    • Verswinkel G. vd Kooy, Slootweg 10 in Benthuizen.
    • Various dairy farms and cheese farms in and around Zoetermeer.

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    Farm shops

    You will find stalls next to the road, but if you don’t quite find the right products there, you can also go to nearby farm shops. These are sometimes within cycling distance, sometimes a little further. How about Landwinkel Sonneveld at Bentwoudlaan 2 in Benthuizen or Groenteboerderij Millenaar at Katwijkerlaan 46 in Pijnacker. All close to our city!

    Apples Sonneveld Benthuizen
    Picking apples at Appelboomgaard Sonneveld in Benthuizen