Tappara may soon be in trouble because of this pitfall

Tappara started the CHL on Thursday with a slower performance than expected.

Tappara defends the CHL championship. PDO

Defending CHL champion Tappara started the new season on Thursday with a worse performance than expected. Denmark’s Aalborg fell away with difficulty only in extra time 2-1.

At the end of the match, Aalborg had so many scoring opportunities that with worse luck, Tappara would not have scored a single point from the match. The shots for the entire game go to the Danes 30–23, and even Tappara, who was expected to score in the match, took only 3.0–2.6. Even visually, the playing of the successful team of the last seasons was still uncertain and confusing.

Of course, the incompleteness is natural, because Tappara’s long-standing coaching tradition from Rautakorpa-Tapola came to an end after last season, and the club and the team are now getting used to the Swedish command Rikard Grönborgin under.

Of course, huge changes in the crew also take time. Even so, taking these factors into account, Tappara’s opening performance in this season’s CHL fell short of expectations.

New series system

With the CHL’s new series system, every point (even from weak teams) is equally valuable, and you can’t afford to lose a single one on the way. Along with getting to the playoffs, the ranking of the regular season is decisive in terms of the toughness of the playoff opponent.

For Tappara, winning the easier opponents of these early rounds already directly in regular time (three points) is emphasized because the team’s final program is considerably difficult when it faces Skellefteå at home and Rappeswil and Biel-Bienne away in the last three games.

Today, Tappara is at home already facing some kind of forced victory against Belfast Giants, who were very persistent against Lukko yesterday. The Giants lost to Luko 1–3 only after the Romanians’ third-period posture movement, even leading the entire match’s shots on goal 27–26 (expected goals for Luko 2.9–2.3).

In the name of truth, the Giants hanging on in the match was of course more due to Luko’s loose play than the Northern Irishmen’s own skills. But the same ignition challenge is also ahead at Tappara on Saturday. However, according to all logic, Tappara should be “ready” for this match today.

Huge material advantage

There is nothing unclear about the material power relations of the teams. Tappara is a combination that is about three goals better than its opponent. However, the unpolished patterns of the early season smooth out the balance of power here.

Attitude is also very important. In addition, recovery plays a big role, as the Giants have a tough game from yesterday and, correspondingly, Tappara has a road game in Denmark a couple of days ago. However, I personally calculate that the layout favors Tapparaa.

In terms of betting, the Giants would still be winnable by large numbers, just like yesterday’s Lukko match, if the better team would only be motivated to keep up the speed of the game.

Based on Tappara’s opening match, the team is not necessarily ready for this yet. That’s why I raise Belfast Giants to be under 1.5 goals in regular time with a coefficient of 1.86 as the best bet for the match.

Tappara-Belfast Giants starts at 17:00

The best betting tip of the day

Among the tips marked at the beginning of the week, Granada with a +1.25 handicap (1.82) as a guest of Real Sociedad (the match starts at 15:00) and Getafe’s goalless stay as a guest of Real Madrid (1.71) (starts at 17:15) have kept their odds as playable. These are still good for games. In other earlys, the odds have dropped.

In addition to the two actual game targets, there are a lot of other possible searches on Saturday. At least the following cases are worth considering: Sheffield United+0.25 vs. Everton at odds 1.81 (17:00), Brentford-Bournemouth over 2.5 goals at odds 1.79 (17:00), Chelsea-Nottingham over 2.5 goals at odds 1 .67 (17:00), Brighton-Newcastle over 3.0 goals with a coefficient of 1.74 (19:30), Bristol City+0.5 as a guest of Swansea with a coefficient of 1.73 (17:00) and Stoke Preston as a host with a coefficient of 1.93 (17:00).

From the side of the trotters, the Finnish championship has a bit of a taste Mika Forssin odds of 8.00 for Shackhills Twister to be the driver. The feeding site closes at 15:36.

Games of the day: Real Sociedad–Granada+1.25 2 (odds 1.82), Real Madrid–Getafe, Getafe under 0.5 goals (odds 1.71) and Shackhills Twister (odds 8.00).

The total balance of the day’s games for the year: 73/126/99%

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